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What is SEO Hosting and how it can help you?

In advanced Search Engine Optimization you have your main site (money site). So your goal is to build as many backlinks to it as possible so you advance to a better place in the SERPS and will eventually kick out all your competition and get to Nr. 1 in Google for your specific Keywords. But if you build too many backlinks to your money site at once you risk getting penalized from Google by either getting Sandboxed or even worse banned from the Google Index altogether.

In order to give your main site more authority you should start building something like a Link Wheel. In a Link Wheel your money site is in the middle of it all. Around the center you should slowly start building websites that all evolve around your keywords but should be hosted from different locations.  All your other “sub sites” should have different IP addresses. In advanced SEO those “sub sites”  are also called Buffer Sites (because they act as a buffer for your main site) or Satellite Sites (because they circle your main site). The reason why they all need to be hosted from different locations is so that Google cannot associate those websites with you and thinks that they are all created from different people that all recommend your main money site. And this in turn then is called SEO Hosting.

Basics of creating a simple Link Wheel

Now your money site is hosted with your web host, let’s say Hostgator. (By the way, I host most of my websites with Hostgator.) You take note of all your inner pages that belong to your domain. The best practice is to save them to Notepad. What I usually do is create an image in Photoshop and build a visual layout: the domain in the middle and the URLs of the inner pages around. In the example on the right side the domain is in the middle. All around in the color olive are the inner pages (add them whenever you add another page to your site). And in light blue are the Buffer/Satellite sites. Each time you added another one, fill in the domain name. That will just help you keep track of your domain and prevent mixups. Next, choose a few cheap shared web hosts that suit your needs. I for example can’t live without a cPanel. Have a look at one of my previous articles “Web Hosting Comparison“, where I compared ten of the best shared web hosting providers – there you find hosts for under $5/month. The reason why I prefer my web hosting with cPanel is because all work the same way.  So you don’t need to learn how each new web host’s control panel works. Start with getting 5 different Shared Hosting accounts. On each one of them set up a domain with the keyword you want to target and a WordPress blog.  Post at least one 400 word keyword rich article on each blog. You should choose Keywords that you have not yet targeted in your main site. On each of those Buffer Sites you link once to your main money site. But don’t make the mistake of only targeting your domain name, but also point your backlinks to the inner pages. I actually only target the inner pages. And then you point a link from one Buffer Site to the next one – just like a real wheel. You can leave the ends open or close them.

So to sum it up: 1 Money Site – 5 Buffer Sites – 5 Backlinks from the 5 Buffer Sites linking to your inner pages. 5 Links from each of 5 Buffer Sites to the next Buffer Site. Leave the Wheel open or close it.

Now you further link different Web 2.0 sites (like the hosted WordPress, Blogger, … they are all free) to your 5 Buffer Sites, but not to the actual money site. You should create many such sites and point a few links at each of the buffer sites.


SEO Hosting has really had a huge effect on my rankings in Google. On all of my sites I had dramatic improvements to the rankings. And that in turn brought tons of free traffic. I am constantly building on SEO Hosting. It might cost up to $20/month for that plan to work, but I profit from it so much more. I increase my earnings to sometimes $800 – $1000 per day. Now I even enlarged the Buffer Sites to 15 per money site, because the positive effect is exponential!!! If you have a lot of sites, you might need to outsource the article writing, because it is just too time consuming.


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