Web Hosting – Top 10 Web Hosts in 2020

RankTop 10 Web HostingPriceUnlimited Disk SpaceUnlimited BandwidthUnlimited MailboxesFree DomainControl cPanelMarketing BonusMoney Back GuaranteeReviews
1$4.99NA45Check It Out
2$4.88$10030Check It Out
3 $5.50$12530
5$5.95$5045Check It out
4 $5.95$7530
6 $8.95$2/m$11030
7 $5.95$75Anytime
8$3.95$75Check It Out
9 $6.95$5530


*All the above Discount Web Hosting prices are for 1 year hosting plans.

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Introduction into Web Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and Virtual Private Server Hosting:

There are many choices of web servers hosting available. These range from shared web hosting to reseller web hosting and even virtual private server web hosting. Here, on tickerhosting.com, we will introduce you to all aspects of web servers hosting. In this guide you will find all the information you need to choose the right web servers hosting plan for your web site.

Shared Hosting – Easy, Cheap and Suitable for Beginners

Shared Hosting is the easiest form of web hosting as you don’t need to have any server knowledge or other technical skills. So what is shared hosting? Basically you share the hosting bandwidth and disk space with other users, typically between 10 to 2000 users. It depends which hosting company you choose. The smaller ones are normally cheaper and have less users sharing the connection. The giants like the biggest web host have around 2000 users sharing.

But don’t be put off by sharing. For most users this form of web hosting is sufficient enough. Not only do you get a hosting plan for under $10 per month, but also can host most of the time unlimited websites with one plan. Have a look at the comparison chart, the number 1 rated web host has all those features for only $3.95 per month. Plus you get a free domain for life as well.

Managed Hosting – Full Bandwidth and Resources, Easy But Expensive

With this form of web hosting you get the full resources from your provider, which means you don’t have to share any hard disk or bandwidth like in Shared Hosting. This is the best form of Web Hosting, as you are not restricted by other users in any way, and get the best service and help from the provider. The biggest advantage is that you don’t need any technical skills or server knowledge. The downside of this kind of web hosting are the costs: Managed Hosting starts around $200/month.

Dedicated Server Hosting – Full Bandwidth and Resources, Demands Skills and Knowledge

Dedicated Server Hosting gives you the same great resources as Managed Hosting, but for a much lower price. With this form of hosting you are in the driver seat, as you have to choose the operating system, the security measurements, software and hardware. The big plus is the relative low cost – starting at $32.95/month, in comparison to managed hosting. But every advantage has a disadvantage: You need to have extensive know-how and server knowledge to maintain dedicated server hosting. This form of web hosting is not recommended for beginners and inexperienced users.

Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS hosting) – Enormous Flexibility, Performance and Security

That is the upcoming kind of web hosting. With this plan of web hosting you split a server into many virtual servers. Each of them can run its personal operating system and can be rebooted individually. Without going too much into its detail, this choice of hosting combines the low cost of the shared hosting with the performance and security of dedicated server hosting. VPS starts around $17 per month.

Reseller Hosting – Start your own business by selling web hosting

Reseller Hosting is basically that you buy a reseller web hosting plan, start your own hosting company, rebrand the control panel and sell it to your clients for a nice profit. You don’t have to buy a reseller plan, you can do the same thing with a dedicated server. This form of hosting is relatively cheap (starting around $24.95/month), plus you get a recurring revenue every month. The downside is that you might need quite some money for advertisements to find your clients.