NameCheap Web Hosting Review

NameCheap ReviewNameCheap was established in 2000. Their CEO is Richard Kirkendall. Many individuals consider them only a domain enlistment center. Contending with GoDaddy and Network Solutions. They started offering hosting administrations in 2007.

NameCheap gives cash and assets to Internet flexibility and security. Corporate accomplices with Electronic Frontier Foundation and These organizations battle for fundamental foundation of the web.

A ton of site proprietors have been reluctant to have with them. A few enlistment centers have likewise progressed into the hosting business. This post on NameCheap at was begun to address these normal concerns. Since it is so natural to purchase a domain from a host, individuals figure they should simply ahead and have with them. Does this sound like you?

We have all known about hosts that are problematic and have poor business hones (see 1and1 audit). Be that as it may, NameCheap does not fall into that class. They have manufactured a stone strong establishment in the recorder business. In any case, I am taking a gander at their hosting plans. This NameCheap Web Hosting audit will demonstrate to you what they offer.

I have been enrolling domains with them for quite a long time. In this way, I am eager to look at them as a host. In the first place, take a gander at their highlights. At that point, their uptime. Next, their execution, Then, client bolster. In conclusion, a synopsis. How about we begin.

NameCheap Features

Shared Plans

NameCheap offers four plans:

  • Value. $9.88/year. Renews at $38.88/year. Supports three sites. 20 GB SSD. Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Professional. $19.88/year. Renews at $78.88/year. Supports ten sites. 50 GB SSD. Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Ultimate. $29.88/year. Renews at $129.88/year. Supports 50 sites. Unlimited SSD. Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Business SSD. $19.88/month. $215.76/year. Supports unlimited sites. 20 GB SSD. 500 GB bandwidth.

NameCheap enables you to pick your server farm. They have datacenters in the United States. Likewise, in the United Kingdom. Datacenters are in:

  • Atlanta, GA.
  • Phoenix, AZ.
  • Dallas, TX.
  • Clifton, NJ.
  • Chicago, IL.
  • Los Angelas, CA.
  • Nottingham, England.

NameCheap uses the boundless data transmission offer. I have not loved this promoting strategy for quite a long time. There are dependably “limits” on shared servers. As per their AUP page 300,000 for shared plans. Marketable strategies permit 600,000 inodes.

There are limitations on these plans to:

  • 5 GB of storage for video and audio.
  • Databases can not be larger than 5 GB.
  • Executables can not be larger than 5 GB.
  • Backups can not use more than 25 GB. That or 200,000 inodes. Will be removed from their backup system.
  • 200 emails per hour.
  • Business plans can send 1,0000 emails per hour.
  • 2 GB email storage per shared account.
  • 5 GB email storage for “business” plan.

Reseller Plans

  • Reseller 1.  $16.95/mo.  25 resold accounts.  25GB disk space.  500GB bandwidth.
  • Reseller 2.  $26.95/mo.  Unlimited accounts. 75GB disk space.  1000GB bandwidth.
  • Reseller 3.  $36.95/mo.  Unlimited accounts.  150GB disk space.  1500GB bandwidth.
  • Reseller 4.  $46.95/mo.  Unlimited accounts.  300GB disk space.  2000GB bandwidth.

Each plan comes with Free cPanel/WHM.  But Reseller 3 comes with an additional WHMCS.  Reseller 4 adds SSL in addition. Thus, decisions should be based on storage versus the number of resold accounts the user is planning.

VPS Plans

  • VPS Lite – Xen. 512 MB RAM.  $19.95/month. 1 CPU Core. 15 GB. 100 GB Bandwidth.
  • VPS 1 – Xen. 1 GB RAM.  $29.95/month. 1 CPU Core. 30 GB. 250 GB Bandwidth.
  • VPS 2 – Xen. 2 GB RAM.  $49.95/month. 2 CPU Core. 60 GB. 500 GB Bandwidth.
  • VPS 3 – Xen. 3 GB RAM.  $69.95/month. 2 CPU Core. 100 GB. 750 GB Bandwidth.

Can use the following operating systems:

  • CentOS.
  • Debian.
  • Fedora.
  • Ubuntu.

Software add-ons:

  • cPanel. $11.00/month.
  • Softaculous Script. $1.50/month.
  • WHMCS Branded License. $8.00/month.
  • WHMCS Non-Branded License. $11.00/month.


  • 128 MB RAM. $8.00/month.
  • Disk Space. $$10.00/10 GB/month.
  • Backup. $10.00/10 GB/month.
  • Bandwidth. $10.00/100 GB/month.
  • Dedicated IP. $2.00/month.

Dedicated Plans

NameCheap offers loads of dedicated plans. There are around 20 distinctive dedicated servers. They extend from $58.88 to $379.88/month. The costs do exclude cPanel, however. In the event that you need cPanel, it will cost $25/month. Makes the cost about the same as RoseHosting and Fluid Web.

Control Panel

I tend to support has that utilization cPanel. It’s what a great deal of site proprietors utilize. Gratefully NameCheap uses cPanel, and it is anything but a marked or stupefied rendition of cPanel that a great deal of other host utilize which restrains the usefulness. One thing I do like about their cPanel is that they utilize CloudLinux. Is critical on a mutual stage since you can set utilization confines on the CPU use and Smash.

Contents are upheld with NameCheap, also. You can utilize Softaculous to introduce more than 100 applications inside cPanel. Makes it a breeze to introduce WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and so forth. For WordPress clients, I have introduced Progress, Exquisite Subjects, and Beginning on bunches of their servers and they have worked awesome.

Email Plans

Email hosting for Name Shoddy has versatile help and is Online. There are three bundles under this component classification which each incorporate all highlights of the past plans in addition to an extra sum. Private ($9.88/yr), Business ($28.88/yr), and Business Office ($49.88/yr). Private is intended for exclusively Online messages with 3GB of email stockpiling and 1GB of record stockpiling. Then again, the Strategy for success incorporates versatile help with an extra 10GB of capacity. All email plans incorporate POP, IMAP, and Webmail and accompany spam insurance.

Domain Names

Clearly, one thing NameCheap is known for is domain names. They are one of the greatest domain enlistment centers and began essentially as a domain recorder. You can enlist many domain expansions like .com, .net, .organization, .us, and so forth. You can enlist a domain name with them beginning at $3.98/year.

A great deal of domain recorders do raise the cost for your domain name after your first year. Be that as it may, I have discovered a great deal of them raise it to $15-30 every year. NameCheap is diverse for .com domain names since it cost just shy of $11/year. You do get a little value break on the off chance that you need to enroll your domain name for longer than multi year, however. You can even make your domain names private. They do offer WhoIsGuard. I composed an article which thinks about NameCheap and GoDaddy for enlistment centers; in my article, you can perceive any reason why I vigorously support NameCheap over GoDaddy.


At whatever point you build up a site, there is dependably a danger of it being hacked. When you begin getting some conventional activity, it appears you’re a greater target. NameCheap takes security genuinely, however. They have cooperated with an organization called SiteLock. They offer an administration which encourages you shield your server from getting hacked. Can even reestablish your site to a past point. Be that as it may, I don’t prescribe SiteLock, and I clarify why in this full SiteLock survey.

NameCheap Uptime & Performance


NameCheap Uptime

Uptime is something you simply need to depend on when you sign up for any host. Nothing is more terrible than signing up for a host that doesn’t have a nice measure of uptime. Implying that your site should be up 99.9% of the time. Be that as it may, what do these numbers mean? Implies that in multi month there are ordinarily 720 hours. A certification that expresses your site will be up 99.9% every month. Would imply that your site would be down for 4 hours every single month. In any case, from the test I have run I have discovered that NameCheap. Servers are down extensively under 4 hours every month. I have seen that there just is by all accounts around 15-25 minutes of downtime every month. Is incredible and is up there with InMotion and SiteGround.

Besides, I have checked different sources on the web and it doesn’t appear like webpage proprietors are whining about downtime with NameCheap. They appear to have a decent uptime and their customers are exceptionally content with them.

NameCheap even has a status page on their site so you can verify whether there are any issues or issues with your server. Enables their clients to feel more in-tuned to what is new with server upkeep, issues, and so forth. Another extraordinary thing about NameCheap is they do day by day backups. Give me a chance to remedy myself; they complete two every day backups for every day. In this manner, I can guarantee you that security is a solid point with NameCheap.


How great is NameCheaps execution? Great and I will clarify why.

I get a kick out of the chance to have with a host that has tolerable execution. Which means they are utilizing the most recent equipment and don’t oversell their servers, making different sites run gradually. The web hosting industry has been moving towards SSD hosting for a long time now. I have been assessing diverse organizations for a long time and seen a great deal of host offering SSD hosting.

To the extent execution goes, it shouldn’t be an issue with NameCheap. I do support organizations that utilization SSD hosting. They do on their “Business” shared arrangement which is $20/month. Tragically, I hopped on live talk with NameCheap and inquired as to whether any of their VPS servers accompany SSD. They let me know no. Dedicated servers do have SSD (a portion of their plans). What I do like is you can get a dedicated server with SSD hosting for about $70/month.

My NameCheap Web Hosting Test

I ran some test from various areas on NameCheap’s servers. Here is the thing that I found:

Los Angeles 10.18 ms
Dallas 34.22 ms
New York 3.38 ms
Singapore 8.7 ms
London 2.81 ms
Amsterdam 2.27 ms
San Francisco

After nine lookups, the normal reaction time of your name server is 9.55 milliseconds.

Likewise, more test demonstrates how rapidly their servers react for site content:

Loading Time First Byte Start Render Speed Index
First View 4.398s 0.509s 1.402s 1529
Repeat View 2.531s 0.219s 0.921s 1056

By and large the execution is great with NameCheap. In any case, I do wish they would offer more SSD hosting plans for their mutual and VPS plans. Research is great with NameCheap. Loads of destinations talk profoundly of them. Numerous NameCheap Web Hosting audits. Bunches of upbeat customers.

NameCheap Customer Support

How great is NameCheaps customer benefit?

NameCheap has day in and day out customer support. You can get in contact with them through live talk or begin a support ticket. They have an extremely broad database of how-to recordings and heaps of articles. They will walk you through any and all that you could need to do. I have spent around 30 minutes experiencing their how-tos and do observe them to be very great. NameCheap uses a Kayako support framework for their live visit which is an astounding asset for customer support. Throughout the years I have conversed with NameCheap on live talk. They rushed to react to my inquiries. Live talk takes around 1 moment to interface and support tickets are normally replied inside 6 hours.

The main thing I don’t care for about NameCheap with respect to customer support is the way that they don’t have phone support. In some cases it’s pleasant to be capable just to get the telephone on the off chance that you need to converse with a specialist. Nonetheless, live visit is exceptionally useful, and they complete a brilliant activity at helping their customers. Support tickets are likewise extremely helpful, and they completely disclose issues to you.

Research demonstrates customer support is incredible with NameCheap. Loads of locales have positive NameCheap Web Hosting surveys, and about all talk very of them.

NameCheap Web Hosting Audit Rundown

Do I prescribe NameCheap? Truly! They have an exceptionally strong resume as an enlistment center. The same can be said in regards to NameCheap for hosting. Costs for shared hosting are somewhat steep for a few. Their VPS plans are spot keeping pace with different hosts. Dedicated plans are valued reasonably. Some of them are much less expensive than different organizations as well. They have a plenty of plans. Regardless of how huge or little a server you require NameCheap can deal with anything you require them. Their uptime is incredible, and a considerable measure of plans do accompany SSD hosting. Their customer support is exceptionally strong. They disclose stuff to you as opposed to sending you a canned reaction like other hosting organizations.

Regardless of how enormous or little a server you require NameCheap can deal with anything you require them. Their uptime is phenomenal, and a great deal of plans do accompany SSD hosting. Their customer support is extremely solid. They disclose stuff to you. NameCheap doesn’t send you a canned reaction. Matt Russell is their VP who likewise established WebHostingBuzz. Another organization I remain behind.

9-20 dollars multi month may be too high for a few, for a common server. Should think about perusing my WebHosting Center point audit. You can get a mutual arrangement for a large portion of the cost of NameCheaps least expensive shared hosting plan. Additionally, for VPS and dedicated plans, I would likewise read my InMotion survey for another great elective arrangement.



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