Godaddy Web Hosting Review

GoDaddy is an outstanding name with regards to purchasing website domain names and it’s additionally great for individual and business hosting purposes. The organization has assembled a tried and true web server foundation concentrated vigorously on uptime, Linux-and Windows-based servers, stellar client benefit, email hosting and different highlights. GoDaddy’s balanced bundles fall barely short of those offered by DreamHost, HostGator, and Hostwinds, so it doesn’t procure our Editors’ Decision underwriting, yet it’s as yet a solid web have deserving of your thought.

Shared Web Hosting

GoDaddy charges a month to month expense for its Linux-or Windows-based shared web servers, however it decreases the cost on the off chance that you focus on a multimonth or yearly bundle. Tragically, GoDaddy expects you to agree to accept its pricier Special or Extreme plans (beginning at $10.99 and $16.99, individually) for the choice to pay for hosting on multi month-to-month premise (the basic Economy plan expects you to agree to accept at least three months). This might not have much effect on organizations, but rather a desperate blogger may not value GoDaddy’s absence of a solitary month choice in its Economy bundle.

GoDaddy’s Economy basic shared hosting bundle ($7.99 every month) incorporates a free domain name, 100GB of capacity, the capacity to have one website, boundless month to month information exchanges, and free Microsoft 365 Business email. The Exclusive plan (beginning at $10.99 every month, or $5.99 every month with a yearly duty) expands on the Economy bundle by including boundless capacity, and boundless domains. A definitive bundle (beginning at $16.99 every month, or $7.99 every month with a yearly responsibility) includes a premium DNS administration instrument, twofold the preparing power (Linux-based servers just), and a one-year secure attachment layer (SSL) Testament.

GoDaddy has rich shared hosting plans, however HostGator still rules as the TickerHosting Editors’ Decision for shared web hosting administrations. Like GoDaddy, HostGator brags boundless domains and month to month information exchanges in all cases, and a decision of Linux-or Windows-based servers, however it beat its opponent by offering a VoIP number for your business and boundless stockpiling with all plans.

GoDaddy Web Hosting

Dedicated Web Hosting

GoDaddy’s dedicated servers come in numerous Linux and Windows arrangements. The plans begin at $129 every month, and you can equip the servers with up to 32GB of Smash, 2TB of capacity, and boundless month to month information exchanges.

The 32GB Slam add up to is 96GB not as much as what’s offered by Hostwinds, the TickerHosing Editors’ Decision for dedicated servers. GoDaddy additionally loses focuses in light of the fact that its plan does exclude email. That is a different buy.

VPS Web Hosting

Hostwinds might be the TikerHosting Editors’ Decision for VPS hosting, however that doesn’t imply that GoDaddy doesn’t have quality virtual private server bundles. GoDaddy’s VPS plans (beginning at $29.99 every month) offer Linux-or Windows-based servers, and boundless domains, month to month information exchanges, and email. The specs top out at 8GB of Slam, 240GB of capacity, and a free SSL for multi year. That is well done.

So for what reason does GoDaddy miss the mark concerning winning the VPS hosting Editors’ Decision grant? Hostwinds has really stacked VPS servers. For instance, Level 1 Premium VPS begins at just $13.50 every month (for 1GB of Slam, 50GB of plate space, boundless month to month information exchanges, and boundless email), while Level 10 scales up to $105 every month (for 15GB of Smash, 200GB of circle space, boundless month to month information exchanges, and boundless email). The SSD Linux plan begins at $13.50 every month (for 1GB of Slam, 25GB of plate space, boundless month to month information exchanges, and boundless email) and maximizes at $129 every month (18.5GB of Smash, 130GB of circle space, boundless month to month information exchanges, and boundless email).

All things considered, GoDaddy’s VPS administrations are a skilled choice for individuals who need a web hosting arrangement that is more intense than shared web hosting, yet don’t have any desire to pay dedicated web hosting’s moderately costly cost.

WordPress Web Hosting

GoDaddy gives its form of WordPress hosting the white-glove treatment with four levels of Linux-based oversaw WordPress hosting. Joining has its points of interest. GoDaddy has a huge number of WordPress topics and modules, and it offers daily reinforcements and programmed WordPress programming refreshes. Like other oversaw WordPress has, GoDaddy doesn’t expect you to introduce the CMS, as it comes preinstalled. Once you’re signed into WordPress, you can make posts, pages, and exhibitions as you would with some other self-facilitated WordPress site.

The Basic $7.99-per-month plan accompanies one domain, 10GB of SSD stockpiling, and 25,000 month to month guests. Grand ($9.99 every month) ups the capacity and month to month guests to 15GB and 100,000, separately. It additionally includes site arranging and a Web optimization module. The $14.99 every month Extreme plan expands on Choice by offering 30GB of capacity, 400,000 month to month guests, malware checking and evacuation, and the capacity to have two locales. Designer ($24.99 every month) serves up 50GB of capacity, 800,000 month to month guests, and the capacity to have five destinations.

All things considered, TMDHosting remains the Editors’ Decision for WordPress hosting. The big cheese gives you three levels of WordPress hosting, and in addition the choice for Linux-or Windows-based servers. The bundles begin at $8.95 every month (for boundless capacity and month to month information exchanges) and scale up to $16.95 every month (for all that in addition to boundless site hosting). Its pre-manufactured condition accompanies numerous WordPress-accommodating highlights, including live malware security and curated modules that are intended to improve your experience.

No Cloud Web Hosting

Sadly, GoDaddy needs cloud hosting, a contrasting option to conventional hosting that draws assets from different servers. In the event that you need to get into cloud hosting, which gives you a chance to grow server assets easily, we recommend investigating DreamHost, our best pick in that class.

DreamHost’s bundles begin at $4.50 every month (for 512MB of Slam, 100GB of capacity, and boundless month to month information exchanges) and best out at $48 every month (for four CPU centers, 8GB of Smash, 100GB of capacity, and boundless month to month information exchanges).

Reseller Web Hosting

In case you’re hoping to get into the web hosting business, yet you would prefer not to manage foundation matters, look at GoDaddy’s reseller hosting bundles. The two plans, the $8.99 every month Basic and the $14.99 every month Star, offer deals and commission reports and Visa preparing. The servers have a similar Slam and capacity sums as those that Hostwinds supplies straightforwardly, which isn’t generally the case.

Shockingly, GoDaddy’s reseller bundles don’t accompany email; you’d have to agree to accept seperate email plans for electronic mail. On the upside, GoDaddy gives you a chance to apply your own marking to the servers you lease, and it additionally supplies every minute of every day technical support.

In any case, Hostwinds runs the additional mile with more liberal specs in an assortment of server classes. Thus, Hostwinds is the Editors’ Decision for reseller hosting.

Setting Up a GoDaddy-Hosted Site

GoDaddy’s new free Website Builder is called GoCentral. It’s a totally responsive-plan instrument, which implies you get a gorgeous and utilitarian portable website close by the work area website you construct. For $29.99 every month, you can include a competent web store. Be that as it may, by and large, the new GoCentral benefit so far needs quite a bit of what you find in the webpage building rivalry, for example, an exhibition of outsider gadgets, a blogging apparatus, and any sort of picture altering.

Email Hosting

One of the better parts of GoDaddy is that it is bit by bit relinquishing its old cPanel email benefit for accounts packaged with Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium, the Editors’ Decision for email hosting. GoDaddy hurls in facilitated email accounts with each mutual hosting plan, however not with its dedicated hosting plans.

On the off chance that you need to buy email, here’s the breakdown: Email Basics (beginning at $4.99 every month or $3.99 every month with an a multi year responsibility) gives you 5GB of email stockpiling. Online Basics (beginning at $9.99 every month or $7.99 every month with an a multi year duty) ups the email ability to 50GB and includes 1TB of distributed storage. Business Premium (beginning at $14.99 every month or $9.99 every month with an a multi year responsibility) raises the email stockpiling ability to 50GB and includes boundless web conferencing and access to online Microsoft Word and Exceed expectations. Premium Security (beginning at $24.97 every month or $14.99 every month with an a multi year duty) hurls in encryption and Microsoft Office portable applications.

We discovered it a basic undertaking to set up our GoDaddy email, as the web have incited us to make one amid the join procedure. We essentially chose the domain to which the email address would be related, and after that entered an email handle and a watchword. As a rule, Microsoft Office 365 is genuinely direct to design, however GoDaddy has extremely taken the mystery out.

Since GoDaddy has basically repackaged Microsoft Office 365, you get a considerable measure of value for your money as far as email highlights, both on the client side and from an overseer’s point of view. Expecting you run with the Business Premium list of capabilities as we did, you’ll get the full Microsoft Office Suite alongside its business coordinated effort instruments. This implies the typical profitability applications, for example, Microsoft Access, Exceed expectations, Viewpoint, and Word, however it likewise gives you extra group joint effort, web based conferencing, and even VoIP telephone calling through Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Groups. Be that as it may, we are somewhat disillusioned in the evaluating structure, as some of what GoDaddy offers as additional cost additional items, for example, encryption, are now present in the event that you run with a plan specifically from Microsoft.

Alongside the huge number of work area applications, you additionally gain admittance to Microsoft Standpoint Web Access (OWA), a smooth and present day web adjustment of the Viewpoint email customer. It offers a recognizable format for logbooks, contacts, and assignments, and another “centered inbox”— all accessible in your program. What Microsoft implies by a “centered inbox” is that, as opposed to simply being a dumping ground for all approaching email, it defaults to a dynamic view that is continually being refreshed. This tech depends on a machine learning (ML) calculation that endeavors to make sense of which email is most imperative to you; everything else goes to the normal inbox. As you sort emails between the centered inbox and the standard inbox, the calculation steadily shows signs of improvement, helping you to focus on email that issues most. You’ll likewise have the capacity to utilize notices. While making another email, in the event that you prepend somebody’s name with the @ sign, at that point it will consequently Cc that person. You can likewise apply a channel that will indicate you emails in which you were specifically said.

We were charmingly shocked to find that GoDaddy defaults to a similar email administration entryway that administrators would get by buying Office 365 specifically from Microsoft. The one proviso is that a portion of the sheets have been supplanted with joins back to the GoDaddy website. This applies especially to client and permit administration. Huge numbers of the propelled setup alternatives stay unblemished, in any case. Along these lines, you’ll have the capacity to exploit Trade Online Insurance for spam separating, however you’ll need to burrow somewhat more to get to the Security and Consistence panel.


GoDaddy has jettisoned its old Speedy Shopping basket internet business programming for another $29.99 every month GoDaddy Online Store. The new offering brags numerous highlights, including secure checkout, Website design enhancement instruments, store subjects, and boundless item postings.

Setting up shop with the new instrument is clear and simple. You select a topic, include items, evaluating, and pictures, and pick your favored installment and transportation strategies. In the event that you plan on utilizing your website to offer items, GoDaddy Online Store is a brilliant decision.

Security Highlights

GoDaddy offers Sucuri (beginning at $6.99 every month), an administration that gives a site-check declaration, application filtering, and spam and malware observing. Contingent upon the bundle that you select, Sucuri filters your website’s sub-pages to discover organize vulnerabilities and evacuate malware.

You can likewise buy Secure Attachments Layer testaments (beginning at $69.99 every year), the product that is spoken to by a green lock in your web program when you visit, say, a money related organization’s website. On the off chance that you plan to offer items by means of your website, consider a SSL declaration a basic buy, as it protects the information trade between a client and your servers.

As far as security for its facilitated email administrations, you’ll discover this is altogether facilitated in Microsoft’s server farms. That implies you’ll have all a similar security benefits as those gave to other Microsoft Office 365 clients. Your email information will be encoded in travel and very still utilizing SSL and Bitlocker innovation. Per Microsoft’s openly accessible terms of administration, Microsoft representatives just have exceedingly restricted access to your information and just under particular, examined conditions.

Fantastic Uptime

Website uptime is a standout amongst the most imperative parts of a hosting administration. In the event that your site is down, customers or clients will be not able discover you or access your items or administrations. You don’t need that. Luckily, GoDaddy is very reliable.

We utilize a website checking instrument to track our test destinations’ uptime over a fourteen day term. At regular intervals, the apparatus pings our websites and sends an email on the off chance that it can’t contact any destinations for no less than one moment. The information uncovered that GoDaddy went poorly once amid the testing time frame. As it were, GoDaddy is surprisingly steady.

In case you’re for the most part inspired by email administrations, at that point generally, GoDaddy hasn’t had an uptime approach for its more established CPanel email. Yet, since the organization has changed to Microsoft Office 365 for its email benefits, it’s presently ready to make the most of Microsoft’s 99.9% uptime ensure. Nonetheless, know that GoDaddy has supplanted the Workplace 365 wellbeing administrations dashboard with its own particular inside marked variant. It demonstrates similar sorts of data including when the last issue was, and regardless of whether it’s been settled.

First class Customer Support

GoDaddy has all day, every day phone bolster and live web talk bolster. We put an approach a weekday evening and addressed a client benefit rep under two minutes after the fact. We got some information about the contrasts between the Linux and Windows working framework, and by and by encountered the best client support of any of the web hosting administrations we’ve tried up until now. The rep was neighborly and proficient.

A couple of hours after the fact, we started up GoDaddy’s client benefit web talk and made a vital inquiry: How would we import our current blog? A couple of moments later, a GoDaddy rep showed up in the visit and stuck a connection that addressed our inquiry. GoDaddy’s provoke and supportive client benefit is extremely amazing.

GoDaddy offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. That is lengthier than the standard 30-day discount window, however doesn’t rival DreamHost’s liberal 97-day money-back guarantee.

Who’s Your (Go) Daddy?

GoDaddy has numerous business-and shopper benevolent choices, an unmistakably solid Microsoft-based facilitated email benefit, and furthermore offers quality every minute of every day client benefit. Then again, you get a scanty measure of email stockpiling with its least expensive plan, and there are no month-to-month plans no matter how you look at it. All things considered, in case you’re looking to rapidly set up a website, GoDaddy has the instruments you’ll requirement for a fruitful dispatch.

For additional on beginning on the web, read our tips on the best way to make a website. You may likewise need to look at our story on the most proficient method to enlist a domain name for your website.



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